Removing Pigs at Conisborough.

November 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 29, 1901

Removing Pigs at Conisborough.

Joseph Roberts and Charles Smith, butchers assistants, Bentley, were summoned for removing two carcasses of swine from fever infected area at Conisborough, on 16 November, without a license; and Thomas Nesbitt, an innkeeper, of Conisborough, was summoned for causing the above to be so moved.

Mr Baddiley defended.

PC Duffin stated that on the previous Saturday, the 16th inst, he visited the premises of Mr Nesbitt, and found that he had six pigs, but on 3rd October he had 10 pigs

Afterwards in company with PS Philipson they visited Mr Nesbitt’s premises again, and asked him what he had done with the other pigs. He said that he had killed two for his own private use, and had sold the other 2 to Mr Fullwood, who had killed them there on his premises.

Mr Baddiley, in defence, said that it was not an ordinary case of removing life pigs, but of removing dead carcasses. Mr Nesbitt did not try to evade the law. He hoped the bench would deal leniently with the defendant.

Nesbitt, was fined 10 shillings and the costs (7/6) and the defendants were ordered to pay the costs.











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