Road Danger at Conisbrough.

May 1960

South Yorkshire Times, May 2.

Road Danger at Conisbrough.

The case of the road that is too dangerous for a zebra crossing was considered by Conisbrough Home and Road Safety Committee meeting on Tuesday.

In the past proposals were made for a crossing close to a road junction on the busy Doncaster to Sheffield road at Conisbrough, a spot where last Thursday, a Conisbrough girl was killed. But the idea has each time been turned down at County level because, it was said, the road was too dangerous as a result of the speed and density of traffic.

County Ald B Roberts said that the Committee should press again for a crossing near the junction of Crook Hill Road with the busy Doncaster Road. It was at this spot last Thursday that 13 years old Theresa Gregory was killed on her way to school.

Agreeing to this suggestion, the Committee also decided to back up further road safety proposals contained in a letter from a resident of this stretch of road, Mr S.W. Barkhouse

the County Surveyor will be asked to consider Mr Barker houses complaints that the three lane traffic system stretching from Crocker Road to the village outskirts only increased danger, and that by leaving the entrance to a housing estate of Doncaster Road in “a state of disrepair” a local building contractor was forcing pedestrians off the footpath on the main road, with consequent danger.

Lighting Insufficient.

A third complaint about insufficient lighting on Doncaster Road will be put to Conisbrough CouncilĀ“s Highways Committee.

Referring to the latter suggestion, the Councils Surveyor, Mr Ronald Clark, said that lighting improvements had been in the yearly estimates on a number of occasions but had been withdrawn. It was a question of priorities as they had so much work on their hands with housing development.

Mr Barkhouse said the road was a major traffic problems because of the abnormal increase in traffic, caused primarily by the opening of the Doncaster A1 bypass.

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