Road Widening at Castle Hill – Want to Maintain Village Character.

September 1963

South Yorkshire Times, September 7.

Want to Maintain its Character.

Work started last Thursday on the provision of a footpath and road widening at the top of Castle Hill, opposite the Castle gate, Conisbrough.

The scheme involves encroachment on part of the Vicarage garden and the rebuilding of the wall bordering the garden.

The main aim of the scheme is to improve the sight line round the corner, which has hitherto been completely blind to vehicles coming in either direction. A section of pavement is to be provided and the road will be somewhat wider than before.

A Council spokesman said he could not estimate the time needed for completion of the work and much depended on the time taken to replace the Vicarage wall, which, in itself, would take about a fortnight.

The scheme is part of a long-term plan to improve road conditions in the centre of Conisbrough.

The next step will probably be the demolition of Castle Farm in Castle Street, which was formerly a Council depot. This will then enable the Council to go ahead with other widening plans.

Demolition will start in the fairly near future, said the Council representative, but he stressed that while improving Conisbrough from a traffic point of view, the Council would want to maintain the character of the village.

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