Robbing Poor People of Denaby

February 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, February 8.

Robbing Poor People of Denaby.

Thomas Brookfield, Butcher, Bentley, was summoned for having his possession an unjust scale at Denaby on 8 January. He was further summoned for using the scale when unstamped.

On 8 January Joseph Wilson, inspector under the Food and Drugs Act of the West Riding County cap council, visited Denaby Market Hall. He found a pair of scales on a stall of Thomas Brookfield´s. The man in charge told him whom the scales belonged to.

On examining the scales he found they were unjust, and underneath the plate found a piece of lead.

The scales were nearly 3/4 of an ounce wrong and they were also unstamped.

He drew the attention of the man who was in charge of the stall to the scales, but he said he knew nothing about them. The scales were probably used in the poorer parts of Denaby, where the sales were often very small.

The defendant did not appear, and he was fined £1 and the costs, 15 shillings in the first case, and 10 shillings and the cost 15 shillings in the second case.

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