Round About Conisborough – Farmers, Buses, Footpaths and Football

October 1923

Mexborough & Swinton Times, October 06

Round About Conisboro┬┤


The fine weather of last week proved a great blessing to the farmers who were able to complete the ingathering of their corn, and now the plough is busy upon the stubble and stretches of newly turned up land are everywhere to be seen.

The potato harvest will be in full swing in a few days. Blackberries are this year a poor crop, they are late, and wherein some years one could pick stones of them at this period, a few pounds only are the result of earnest searching.

Bus Service

I was informed last week by the proprietor of a motor bus service that he is seeking the sanction of the Corporation of Doncaster to run a service from Waterdale to Dalton Brook, or further, if he can obtain permission of the County Borough of Rotherham to run into that town.

Such a service would prove of much convenience to the travelling public and I trust he will be successful in securing the necessary licences from both Doncaster and Rotherham


The re-laying of the footpath on the Doncaster road is taking a good deal of time and one can only hope that when it is finished the surface will be as good as the footpath surfaces provided by the Urban Council of Conisbrough.

I notice that the new footpath is narrower than the old one, and consequently we get a road which is a little wider

There is a movement on foot to secure a revision to the former practice of the main roads being maintained by the various local Councils in whose areas they are situated, the cost of course being recovered from the County Council, but it seems to me that the present method, by which the County Council does the work, has hardly had a long enough run to test thoroughly whether it is from the standpoint of economy and efficiency, better than the former one.

Football Traffic

The number of bicycles, motor bicycles and cars on the Doncaster and Rotherham main road on Saturday evening was very great and led me to inquire the reason.

It seems the supporters of the Rotherham County football team, taking advantage of a glorious autumn day, had, in vast numbers, elected to travel to Doncaster by road.

No doubt an equally great crowd had patronised the railway.

The County were playing the Rovers and did not disappoint their supporters.

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