Round and About Conisbro’ – Bellringers, Footpaths, Water, Great War & Poor Rate

November 1923

Mexborough & Swinton Times, November 03


The monthly meeting of the Doncaster and District Bell-ringers Association was held at the Church Lecture Hall on Saturday afternoon, when about 18 ringers from the belfries in and around Doncaster put in an appearance. Peals were rung in the afternoon and early evening. Tea was provided under the direction of Mrs. Fowler and Mrs O. Greathead and the Vicar presided at the subsequent meeting at which it was decided to visit Sprotboro belfry in November.


No one can have failed to notice the vast improvement which has taken place during the past two years in the condition of the roads and footpaths in Conisbrough which are maintained by the Urban District Council. Bad stretches have been resurfaced and in the older part of the village the larger portion of the sidewalks have been re-laid with good smooth flags. It is true that here and there portions of road are still far from satisfactory, a notable case being North Cliff Road, but there it is the opinion of the Highway Committee, little can be done until a widening scheme has been devised and agreed upon. It is hoped that with the goodwill of the owners of land abutting on this street such a scheme will not present insurmountable difficulties.

If the proposed road from the blind end of North Cliffe road is constructed to link up with Denaby, the foot traffic on this road which is already very considerable, will largely increase, and a side walk will no doubt be included in the widening scheme.

Water Mains

The people living in the higher parts of Conisbrough learned with much satisfaction from last week´s issue of the “Mexborough and Swinton Times” that permission to borrow the cost of carrying out improvements and additions to the water mains have been received from the Minister of Health and they hope very sincerely that the work will be carried out with the least possible delay. For a long period complaints have been rife of the intermittent supply of water in portions of the higher levels we have never been short of water, thanks to the unfailing borehole, but the defective main have prevented the supply being available in some of the houses. Our water engineer Mr. Thirlwall, is confident that the scheme about to be carried out will remedy these defects, and everyone concerned will fervently hope that the result will justify the expenditure of the money the work is to cost.

Great War

Arrangements are being made by the Vicar to hold a special services at the Parish Church on the fifth anniversary of the cessation of the Great War on 11th November. The two minutes silence will be observed and it has been decided to devote the offertory at this service to the fund which is being raised to complete the education and preparation of ex-servicemen who have offered themselves for the ministry of the Church of England. It is hoped that many ex-servicemen will be present and that our local organisation of the British Legion will parade for the service.

Poor Rate

Last week I ventured to doubt whether the Poor Rate at 3/6 in the £ on the new assessment would call for less money than a rate of 3/8 in the £ on the old assessment, the latter being the rate for the previous half-year. I have worked out the figures and according to my calculations the total called for by the new rate should be about £240 less than the amount for the previous half-year.

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