Savage Assault at Conisborough

January 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 18.

Savage Assault at Conisborough.

Well Deserved Punishment.

On Wednesday, at Doncaster, Patrick McGrath and Edward McGrath, miners, Conisborough, were charged with unlawfully wounding William Hatton, miner, Conisborough.

It was stated by the prosecutor that on Saturday night, December 22, he was returning home when he met the prisoners, and as he was passing, Patrick McGrath, knocked him down into the middle of the road. Prosecutor got up and asked a prisoner if the Causeway was not wide enough.

Patrick struck him again, and kicked him down, whilst he was lying on the ground kicked him on the shoulder fracturing his collarbone.

Prosecutor regain his feet and went to the opposite side of the road, and Patrick McGrath following him again, knocked him down, when both prisoners took running kicks at him.

He got up again and Edward McGrath, knocked him down. He was kicked on the thighs and under the chin. Prosecutor called to some men for help, but no one came and prisoners then left him, and he crawled to some lime kilns, where he was found by Sgt Brown, who assisted him home.

Corroborative evidence was given by Samuel Peplow, miner, and Sgt Brown. The latter said that when he heard of the affair he went after the prisoners, and found them in the middle of the road kicking another man named James McDonald, whose face was covered with blood, and he made them desist. He then went in search of Hatton and took him home.

The case was dealt with as a common assault. The prisoners were sworn and alleged that they were set upon by four men andknocked down in the middle of the road, and a fight ensued.

A summons was taken out in the first place; and the men did not appear, have now been apprehended on a warrant. They hadbe working at Hemsworth for a week.

Patrick McGrath was committed to prison for six weeks and Edward McGrath for one month.

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