Self Help – Denaby & Cadeby Collieries – Badges for Employees

February 1940

Mexborough & Swinton Times, February 3, 1940

Self Help
A.R.P. At Denaby and Cadeby Collieries
Badges for Employees

At Denaby and Cadeby Collieries Officials Club on Monday the presentation of awards was made to those men who have passed the recent examinations for the A.R.P. Badge.

Mr. E. T. Hardy, Chief Engineer of the Denaby, Cadeby and Maltby Collieries, presided, and offered apologies for the absence of Mr. L. C. Hodges, Mr. B. H. Pickering, Mr. N. Hulley and Mr. D. Cowburn. Mr Hardy was supported by Mr. A. Holmes (Secretary of the Club). And Mr. E. Pacey (Deputy Head Warden for Denaby Main).

Mr Hardy said that when the Government made it a rule that all firms with a specified number of employees had to cater for the care and protection of those employees and that they had to train a staff of their own who could take over A.R.P. duties, the Company agreed to send someone to Easingwold College to take a full course in instruction of, who could afterwards instruct such employees as would interest themselves in the work. Mr. W. Pearson had taken the full course. He had successfully trained 88 men at Denaby Colliery, 41 at Cadeby Colliery, and six members of the General Office staff, who had passed out with credit and were now ready to meet any emergency in the way of A.R.P. The Company had spared nothing to make and equip with up-to-date requirements the A.R.P. headquarters and the squads. They had now, he felt squads capable of giving a good account of themselves, and the Company placed every faith in them.

Mr. Hardy also stated that the Company appreciated the response that had been made and the manner in which the now trained A.R.P. Wardens had attended to their duties.

Instructor´s Thanks.

Mr. Pearson (the instructor) acknowledging the remarks of the chairman, said that all the thanks were not due to him. If the “lads” had done their bit and their best, his task would have been much harder. They had all done well. They all had to appreciate how the Company had backed them up.

He thanked the departmental foremen who had done good work in whatever task had been given to them for work for the A.R.P. headquarters, or equipment. Mr. Pearson added we cannot let this occasion pass without paying tribute to the work which has been quietly carried out in a clerical capacity by Mr. L. Cliffe (the Engineer´s Clerk). We thank him, and appreciate his assistance”.

Mr. Pearson was given a very cordial reception by the gathering.

Mr. Pacey said as an A.R.P. deputy head warden, he could understand the immense help that Mr. Cliffe would be to the Instructor in the clerical duties that he had carried out.

Mr. Hardy presided over the subsequent programme, which consisted of community singing led by Mr. A. Platt, and accompanied by Messrs. N. Davis (violin) and E. Davies (piano). Several items were contributed by members of A.R.P. from the Denaby and Cadeby Collieries. Refreshments were served, the new wardens being the guests of Mr. L. C. Hodges, and during the evening they wholeheartedly “toasted” their host.



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