Sep 01 – Supporters Club – Enthusiasm at Denaby

September 1923

Swinton & Mexborough Times, September 01

Enthusiasm at Denaby

I am very glad to hear that Denaby United have started the season with a stronger membership than ever before, over 500 season tickets having been sold.

There is a much healthier spirit of enthusiasm. The new policy of the club is likely to prove a paying one. The working menĀ“s clubs round about are taking a keener interest in the fortunes of Denaby United than they have been wont to do, and this is at least in part referable to the direct representation that they have been given on the management.

There is talk now of forming a supporters club for the purpose of lending assisted with the raising of money and the maintaining of interest and support generally. Mr. Wilfred Rigby, a very good friend of the club, is keen to carry out this idea, and is already setting about it.

The formation of supporters clubs at Wombwell, Wath, and Doncaster, has been of real benefit, and I believe the management of the Denaby club would appreciate a move in the same direction.

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