Sep 29 – Chesterfield Res 2 Denaby 0

September 1923

Mexborough and Swinton Times, September 29.

Denaby┬┤s First Fall.

A Stern Struggle at Chesterfield.

Game Fight to the End.

Chesterfield Res 2 Denaby United 0

To Chesterfield reserves fell the distinction of inflicting on. Denaby United the latter’s first defeat of the season. The return match between these clubs was played at Chesterfield on Monday, and it was a keen, fast and vigourous game, full of thrills.

No change was made in the team that outclassed Selby on Saturday, and Chesterfield were at full strength. Dick Shaw’s brother led the attack. The crowd will not be more than 500 strong, and the bookings from Swinton station numbered 55.

Chesterfield started off in a very determined fashion, evidently out for strong reprisals for that 7-1 defeat at Denaby.

Chesterfield went ahead after 31 min, Whitfield following up a well-placed freekick by Edwards, met Harrison, with a clean shoulder charge as the latter gathered the ball, and sent the ball spinning out of the goalkeeper’s hands into the net. It was a sheer piece of quick opportunism.

Only 2 1/2 minutes later, Denaby were two down. From McIntyre’s first-rate centre, Whitfield shot, Harrison, saved, and the forward scored at the second attempt.

The game was well worth watching, and Chesterfield must be credited with a win of merit. But Denaby were distinctly unfortunate not to get a single goal. The attack was not its best form, lacking the incisiveness, which has been noted in previous games and none of the five could finish satisfactory. Nor were the halves so strong as usual, and Kennedy was too apt to give it up as a bad job. Sometimes, when once beaten Haslam, cool and Harrison could not be blamed in anyway, they all had a heavy game, and did many fine things.

Team: Harrison; Haslam, Coope; Peters, Kennedy, Hill; Hamilton, Chambers, Godfrey, Shaw, Scriven

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