Sep 29 – Denaby 9 Selby 1 – Four for Godfrey; Hat Trick for Chambers

September 1923

Swinton & Mexborough Times, Sep 29th

Denaby´s Dashing Display

Selby Game but Outclassed

Four for Godfrey; Hat Trick for Chambers

Denaby United 9, Selby Town 1

Those who like to see many goals had ample value for their money in the cup-tie at Denaby, for the ball was netted ten times. More important from the home supporters point of view was the fact that Denaby´s quota was nine to Selby´s one.

There was a fairly large crowd, though not so good as might have been expected, in support of a team on the flood tide of success. Probably the “all pay” rule for this competition kept many members away.

Both Matt and Charlie Taylor were still out of the Denaby team. Matt´s leg is not yet strong enough, and Charlie has not got over the “flu”. Their places were taken by Haslam and Peters respectively, and both acquitted themselves well. Selby made one change from their selected eleven, Humphries coming in for Cutts at centre-forward. The Yorkshire League team is not so strong as in previous years, and Denaby practically monopolised the game.

Hamilton won the toss, and set Selby to face the intermittent bursts of sunshine. Denaby immediately set up an offensive on the right. After some clever work, Godfrey passed to the left, from whence the ball was slung over to the right, and Shaw had hard lines in not opening the scoring. At the Selby end Brookes was called upon to clear, and straight away Haslam at the other end made a good clearance. Each goalkeeper was tested and Godfrey went through to shoot over, with only Cockell to beat, Brookes was then forced to concede a corner, from which Hamilton placed the ball to CHAMBERS, whose shot hit the cross bar and bounced into the net. This was after eight minutes play. Selby went away and there was a sparkling display by White, but his shot was wide, play went to the other end where Denaby forced two corners. Kennedy headed in, for the goalkeeper to turn the shot for another corner, from which Hill shot wide. Chambers tried a long shot, but Crummack got in the way of Godfrey´s who shot at Cockell. The Shaw – Scriven combination got working, and the ball was nicely place for GODFREY to score the second goal after fifteen minutes play. From the kick-off Hamilton got possession and raced along the wing. SCRIVEN met the centre, and added a third goal.

The sun was causing Selby some inconvenience. They obtained a corner, but Chambers cleared, and Peacock tried a long shot. There was plenty of force behind it, but it was just wide. From the half-way line Coope essayed a very high dropping shot, but Cockell caught it cleanly, to make a good save. Spencer, on Selby´s left, got away nicely, and the forwards swept along the field, but Coope kicked away, and from a corner to Denaby which followed, Kennedy shot over the bar. Cockell displayed much cleverness in saving from Scriven and Godfrey.

Denaby were very aggressive and Hill again lifted over the bar when he had only the goalkeeper to beat, Shaw centred, but Cockell met Godfrey´s effort, and Hamilton´s centre to Godfrey was tipped over the bar, but nothing came of the corner. Selby had a bit more of the play, beat Coope was as firm as a rock. Selby were very unfortunate when, in clearing, Smith handled accidentally and a penalty was awarded. SHAW took the kick and scored. From a corner by Scriven, Godfrey met the ball with his head, but Cockell tipped over the bar. Hamilton showed a clean pair of heels on the wing, but lost the ball, Chambers shot and in following up, fell on Cockell a free kick for impeding being the result. An incident at the other end caused Denaby supporters to hold their breath. Spencer sent in a fast shot with a tremendous amount of curl on it, Coope right on the goal line lifted his foot to clear.

Minutes later the manoeuvre was repeated and this time Godfrey touched to CHAMBERS, who beat Cockell, the half-time score being 6-0 in Denaby´s favour.

The Ambulance Band which had played prior to the match, again rendered selections during the interval.

On resuming, Selby infused much more fire into their attacks, and Harrison had to deal with shots from Humphries and White, Harrison had to concede a corner, but nothing came of it. A storm of protest greeted the next movement. Humphries was sanding well up the field, and it appeared that only Coope was between him and Harrison in goal. Despite emphatic appeals for offside, HUMPHRIES continued his run and with a fine ground shot, placed the ball in the net. Selby were playing better, and deserved some reward, but not in such a doubtful manner. Their forwards were doing well in mid-field, but Denaby´s rear-guard was very sound. Kennedy, as usual, was always in the midst of the fray. Harrison was put into a bit of a quandary with a shot of White´s but eventually cleared.

Play again went in Denaby´s favour, Chambers was brought down in the area, but GODFREY pounced on to the ball and completed a hat-trick. This was after an hour´s play. A corner for Denaby was abortive, but some tricky play by Hamilton menaced the Selby goal, and danger was only averted when Shaw´s terrific drive sailed over the bar.

Humphries was standing out from the Selby forward line and working like a Trojan, but with Peters and Hill watching the wings well, Kennedy gave him plenty of attention. And it was needed, for Humphries was working numerous openings. From a header from the last named, Harrison, standing just outside, tipped the ball over, but it hit the upright, and rebounded into play. Humphries again returned to the attack and Harrison effected a good clearance.

Kennedy set Hamilton away, but the outside-right was charged over the line. Scriven were again busy, but Godfrey could not utilise the centre, though shortly afterwards he, GODFREY, scored his fourth goal. Two minutes later, and fifteen minutes from the end, Scriven made a good run and from his centre and CHAMBERS completed his “hat-trick”.

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