Sergeant Brown leaves the District

June 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, June 7.

Sergeant Brown leaves the District

Most people living in Denaby and Conisborough will be surprised to learn that Police Sgt Brown has this week left the district. It is, of course, inevitable that notice will have been taken by the inhabitants of the new Sgt, who has a dark complexion, and is a little taller than Sgt Brown.

I hasten to satisfy their curiosity by stating that the new officer is Sgt Philipson, of Castleford, between whom and Sgt Brown an exchange has been affected.

Sgt Brown has been a district 5 years and a half, and was formerly stationed at Mexborough, where he was well known. He took up his duties at Castleford on Monday, and Sgt Philipson arrived at Conisbrough on the same day.

It is to be all that though the change came quickly, and to many, unexpectedly, it may work out for the ultimate benefit of both officers.

Our new sergeant will find some of us are a bit rough at times down here, but I flatter myself that the majority of my fellow creatures in this district generally respect the law, even if they do not always carry out its provisions to the strict letter.

Police officers must necessary display firmness in the carrying out of their difficult work, but even with some Conisborough and Denaby people, I know a kind word of advice, spoken in a non-officious manner, often produces a good effect.

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