Serious Assault at Denaby

May 1900

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 4

Serious Assault at Denaby

Elizabeth Walsh, widow, Denaby, was summoned by Mary Oakley, of the same place, for an aggravated assault alleged to have been committed on 18 April.

Mr W Baddeley, appeared for the complainant, and said that a little before 10 o’clock on the night of 18 April, the husband of the complainant went to his work at the pit and the complainant and her daughter went to bed.

They had been in bed sometime when they heard a noise, which was caused by the defendant, who smashed one of the window. The complainant and her daughter came downstairs, and went to look for a policeman. As they were coming back the defendant met them, and she struck the complainant a violent blow in the face making her eyes black and causing her nose to bleed.

The complainant, who said she lived at 10 Wood View, Denaby, gave evidence in support of the opening statement, and was corroborated by her daughter.

The defendant explained that her son, and the daughter of complainant were keeping company. The complainant had “harboured” the son. “a year and six months and a fortnight,” and he was not yet 18 years of age. She (defendant) was a widow, with eight children, and her son was the eldest, and the one who had to support her. She went to the house to remonstrate with the complainant about the matter, when the complainant soccer, and she struck back in self defence.

The parties in this case caused much amusement by repeatedly addressing the magistrates, and Mr Baddeley as “your honour.”

The defendant was fined 20 shillings, including the costs.

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