South Yorkshire Coal Trade

February 1877

February 6th, Western Mail

South Yorkshire Coal Trade

The following on the coal trade of South Yorkshire is from the ‘Iron and coal trades review’:

The coal trade in this district is just now in a very indifferent state.

Coal owners complain of their inability to pay the present high tonnage rates for the conveyance of coal by rail to London, and compete with seaborne call from the North of England, which can be conveyed by water at a much less figure.

The collieries, as a rule, are not working more than half time, and even this is more than sufficient to meet all demands, co been plentiful on every hand. Many of the leading colliery proprietors are weeding out all surplus labour, and some of them are setting down part of their workings until such time as trade becomes more profitable.

The owners of Denaby Main Colliery have given notice to a great number of their workmen to leave their employment. What steps are likely to ensuehave not transpired, but it may be stated that the company have announced their intention of offering for sale by auction on 8 February all of their horses and ponies.

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