Sport at Denaby Main

March 1920

Mexborough and Swinton Times, March 27, 1920

Sport at Denaby Main
The Making of an Ideal Ground.
Important Developments.

The Denaby Main United Cricket Club is adopting a strong and progressive policy of development, which is to be very highly commended – a policy which allowed the effect of improving very considerably, the social conditions of life at Denaby Main.

By the end of the winter of 1920 – 21, the Denaby Club will be possessed of a sports ground, which will be the envy of all local clubs, and one which will compare favourably with a magnificent ground at Wath.

The Denaby scheme is a very comprehensive one. It provides, not merely for the provision of a perfect cricket ground, but also tennis, balls, football – and, incidentally, and up-to-date, commodious Institute, but of course, this part of the scheme cannot be expected to develop until affairs in the coal industry assume a more settled aspect.

The ground is most pleasantly situated at the foot of North Cliff Hill, and when the improvements are completed the Denaby people will have a truly rural rendezvous on their own doorstep, which will provide for them recreation of every possible description.

During the winter over £300 has been spent in improvements, and it should be stated that it is the enterprise of the Cricket Club, which is responsible for this – not the Colliery Company. The cricket ground is being completely level. Previously there was a deep dip towards the Tickhill square side. The work is progressing well, but would not be completed this season. The ground has been lengthened by 8 yards and a boundary wall erected, and widened considerably near the refreshment Pavilion. In this corner is a new bowling green, which will be used primarily for practice purposes, has been laid. The club now possesses to bowling greens and four of the best grass tennis courts we have seen in the district. Besides this, there is a good cinder court. Seating will be provided all round the ground, whilst on the top side it is intended to use an elevated piece of disused ground by the erection of a commodity shelter for the spectators.

A very originally designed arrangement for sideboards as been adopted. Large wooden, white painted, boards, 24 feet wide, will run onto rails fixed overly distance or 30 yards, so that it will be possible to move the sideboards to any decide position with the greatest of ease. It is a novel arrangement and very practicable. These improvements are being carried out under the capable supervision of that excellent groundsmen, Mr G.Darker.

On the East side of the cricket field is the football field, which is being efficiently drained and levelled, and by next season will become , comparable with any in the neighbourhood. Then it will rest with a local supporters football at Denaby Main, to say that they are willing to back the management, decide upon a better class of football, and going for Midland League fare. Between the cricket and football grounds. There is a large vacant space left for the erection of the Institute, the development of which is for the moment in abeyance.

This Seasons Prospects.

The general prospects of the cricket club this season of very good. Mr H.W.Smith is again captain of the First team, but by reason of his unfortunate accident last October, when he fractured his thigh, he will not take an active part in the early days of the season. Messrs. H.C.Harrison and A.Robinson, who had been elected vice captains, will, however, render, Mr H.W.Smith valuable service. All the all players are available again this year, and will receive support from the newcomers: G.Wilson, fast bowler, who rendered Yorkshire Main such good service last year; G.Worthington, a good batsmen and bowlers, who played in the

North Staffs League before the war, and who are some good performances to his credit during the few opportunities he had playing whilst in the army; W.E.Narroway, the wicket-keeper, who left Denaby before the war to join the Surrey County Cricket club staff as understudy to Strudwick has rejoined the side.

The prospects are, therefore, extremely promising and there is plenty of talent in the following players from whom to pick a good side:

Messrs. H.W.Smith, H.C.Harrison, A.Robinson, G.L.Robinson (who headed the batting average last year), W.Widdowson (who headed the bowling averages), W.E.Narroway, G.Wilson, G.Worthington, F.Atkins, H.Atkins, B.Hadfield, H.Foster, A.Day, H.Wright, E.Patterson, etc., as well as a host of youngsters who will develop and be knocking at the door of the first team before the season is finished.

A very attractive programme has been arranged outside of League and Cup fixtures, viz: A tour during Whit week, when Mansfield colliery, Lymington and several colleges at Oxford will be played. August bank holiday week will be a festival week, as last year, when Derbyshire County XI will be the chief attraction. They will be coming two days, August 4th and 5th.

Many social events have been out and are in contemplation to enable the Cricket Club to meet the expenses incurred by improvements, and an appeal is made to all lovers of sport to lend the cricket club, all their aid. Players and supporters are looking forward to a very successful season.

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