Strafforth Sands Controversy – Shudders at Conisborough Scavenging Proposal

August 1923

Mexborough & Swinton Times, August 18

Mexborough´s Fears

Shudders at Conisborough Scavenging Proposal

The Strafforth Sands Controversy

The proposal of the Conisboro´ U.D.C. to use the piece of land known as Strafforth Sands for the purpose of tipping scavenging refuse, has been finally quashed by the Mexborough Urban District Council, in whose area the land is situate.

A deputation was sent from Conisborough to interview Mexborough representatives and at the meeting of the Conisborough Council on Wednesday evening. Mexborough´s final reply was received. The letter, signed by Mr. F. E. Hall, clerk to the Mexborough Council, was read by Mr. H. M. Marshall, as follows:-

Referring to the interview a deputation of your Council recently had with members of my Council, with respect to the above matter, the views and desire of your Council have been fully conveyed to my Council who, after careful consideration, have unanimously decided that they cannot consent to your Council´s proposal, and they most strongly object thereto.

Further to what I have previously stated, I may say that Strafford Sands is very close to the gathering ground of Mexboro´ public water supply, and in addition it has been ascertained that what is called the Southerly Down Fault runs near such land, and were your Council´s proposal to be adopted our water supply, which is reported as “organically pure” would run a very grave risk of organic pollution by reason of water from the ground filtering down the side of the field and ultimately finding its way to our waterworks, in which case it makes one shudder to think what might possibly happen at Mexborough, bearing in mind the recent epidemic at Bolton-on-Dearne.

In view of the above facts, I do not think your Council will be surprised at my Council´s strong objections to their proposal. With respect to the alternative site at Old Denaby, mentioned by your deputation, this appears to run between Mexborough Plant Works and the Mexborough Waterworks, fairly close alongside the said Southerly Down Fault and on the direct line of dip in the strata to the Waterworks, and if such land were used as a tip, as suggested, there would be a very grave risk of organic pollution of the Mexborough water supply, which would be dreadful to contemplate.

My Council, therefore, have no alternative, in the interest of the public health, but to object to either of the proposed sites being used for the purpose named”.

Mr Brocklesby declared that, when they met the Mexborough representatives, the objections given in the letter were not made. They appeared to have come as an afterthought. The greatest objection at the meeting appeared to be that it would be a breeding ground for flies. Since then, they (Mexborough) had found it necessary, he supposed, to find some stronger objection than that. But there were members of their Sanitary Committee with special knowledge of the district and the strata, who were persuaded that, if there was any danger at all, it was greater for Conisborough, and they had no fear.

The fault in the strata would, they held, divert the water from Mexborough and not in its direction. But the matter had been carried as far as it could be, usefully, and must rest in abeyance. It remained to be seen whether they could find a suitable site.

The matter was then dropped.

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