Strangled in Bed – Distressing Conisbrough accident.



Distressing Conisbrough accident.

A singular case of strangulation occurred at new Conisbrough last weekend. John Williams Askwith, aged two years and two months, son of a miner living at 54 Firbeck Street, new Conisbrough, was put to bed at 8-45 on Saturday night, and when the father went into the room early next morning he found the child hanging, with his head fast between the rails of the bed. He was dead, and apparently had died from strangulation.

The inquest was held on Monday night by Mr Frank Allen, district coroner, at the Denaby Main Hotel, PC Dimery attending.

The father, Arthur Askwith, giving evidence, said that the child, as usual, was put to bed by his mother at 8.45 on Saturday night. He was not seen again until 12-45 the next morning, when he was found by the father, suspended by the neck, between the bars of the bed cot. The hands were fully outstretched, and his feet were clear of the ground. He was at once extricated, and upon Dr Ford been called in life was found to be extinct. The only mark to be seen was a tiny black speck on the throne.

The mother gave corroborating evidence.

The coroner said that the case was a most sad one, although of a very peculiar nature. The child had evidently awakened in the night, and had wriggled his body sideways through the bars of the cot, getting his head fast. No blame whatever was attached to the parents, and he extended his deep sympathy owards them.

A verdict that the child had died by strangulation of the neck was accordingly returned.

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