Strike Threat Averted – Agreement Over Non-Unionism Issue

December 1939

Mexborough & Swinton Times, December 30, 1939

Strike Threat Averted
Agreement Over Non-Unionism Issue
in Denaby Colliery Group

The threatened Christmas stoppage, involving 12,000 men at the five pits belonging to the Amalgamated Denaby Collieries, Ltds., has been averted as the result of a group Y.M.A. conference at the Bay Horse Hotel, Doncaster, on Saturday. The pits which would have been affected by the strike were Denaby, Cadeby, Dinnington, Maltby and Rossington, and the trouble arose over the non-unionism question.

After the meeting on Saturday, Mr. W. E. Jones, general secretary of the Y.M.A., issued a statement that an agreement had been reached at Dinnington Colliery (where the position was the most serious), which would cover the underground workers and coal manipulators. It had been decided that the notices at Dinnington which were to have come into effect last weekend, should be withdrawn and those at other collieries not tendered.

The “Times” learns that the Cadeby Main branch was represented at the conference by Messrs. J. Madin (secretary), and I. Houghton (delegate), and Denaby branch by Messrs. J. T. E. Collins (secretary), T. Shephard (delegate), and G. Guest (treasurer). Notices had actually been tendered at Dinnington and had been signed at Denaby and Rossington in readiness for tendering at the two pits last Monday.

It was reported at the conference that a deputation had successfully interviewed the management at Dinnington on Friday, and reached a satisfactory solution of the difficulties and full reports of the proceedings on Saturday were given at branch meetings on Sunday of the Cadeby Main branch at the Station Hotel, Conisborough, and of the Denaby branch at the Reresby Arms Hotel, Denaby.

At Denaby the position was outlined by Mr. Shephard and amplified by Mr. Collins. Members at both branches endorsed the actions of the group conference.


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