Temperance Society – American Speakers

September 1878

Mexborough times, September 13.

Conisbrough Church of England Temperance Society.

On Thursday evening, September 5, two very interesting addresses were delivered in the church Sunday school room, by Mr and Mrs Eli Johnson, who are on a visit to this country from America.

In the unavoidable absence of the reverent, J.G.Wood, Mr HWhittock, of Conisbrough, presided at the meeting and introduced the lecturer.

Mr Johnson, first addressed the meeting, and urged the power of faithful prayer, this sure that three fourths of the crime and misery were produced by unbelief and alcohol. He argued forcibly against that class who term themselves moderate drinkers. He told of the glorious work which had resulted from the women’s crusade, in America, and how that through the mighty prayers of these devoted ones, hundreds of gin palaces have been closed. By incident and narrative, he exhibited the folly and sinfulness of indulging in the intoxicating glass. Leaving the intemperate language usually used by Temperance advocates on one side, Mr Johnson drew his arguments principally from Holy writ.

Mrs Johnson spoke in a rich mellow voice, and asked the meeting not to believe what a sarcastic press said concerning the women’s movement. She explained that it was a way of prayer that swept all the land that first introduced the movement, and now that the first palace visited was at the invitation of the publican himself, and of the amount of courage that it required to go upon this their first visit.

She vividly described the second visit made to this saloon, and of the power which rested upon the whole assembly whilst the service of song, prayer and exhortation was being carried on. She strongly urged upon the heroes the advisability of their doing their utmost by consecrating themselves to the work, to free their country from this most baneful source of crime and misery.

This the meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to Mr and Mrs Johnson, for their instructive addresses and to Mr and Mrs T.H.Simpson through whose instrumentality they had visited Conisbrough.

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