The Coal Strike – Decontrol – Yorkshire Outvoted

April 1921

The Coal Strike lasted for 3 months from April 1921 and was not supported by the other major unions on a day referred to as ‘Black Friday’

Mexborough & Swinton Times, April 2nd 1921

The Coal Strike.
First fruits of Decontrol
Federation Firm for National Wages Basis and No Reduction
Yorkshire Outvoted
General Stoppage Last Night

When the Miners Federation Delegate Conference reassembled in London on Thursday, March 24, it was found there was a large majority hostile to the regulation of wages and profits through the medium of district wages boards, and the owners schemes for the regulation of the industry as from April 1 when the industry ceases to be controlled by the government, was rejected.

The following districts were for accepting the owners terms –
Yorkshire, Northumberland, Durham, Leicester and Mansfield

and the district voted against were –
Lancashire, North Wales, South Wales, Scotland, North Staffordshire, Nottingham, Derby and Forest of Dean


The Denaby Main pit ponies, 186 of them are grazing at Old Denaby, and in many cases the drivers have run over every day to chat with them about the situation. Most of these boys are very fond of their ponies.


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