The Denaby Slander Action – Lady Mabel Sued

July 1920

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 23 1920

In 1920 The Denaby Colliery Company sued Lady Mabel Smith over remarks she had made at a lecture to the Workers Educational Assocation.

The Mexborough Times narrated the case in over 10,500 words.

It provides us with a fascinatingi nsight of the reported conditions in Denaby at that time. We have reproduced the transcript in chronological order:

The Denaby Slander Case

  1. Trial Opens – Case for the Plaintiffs
  2. Reporters Evidence
  3. Architect’s Report – Good Water – Sweeter than Leeds
  4. Mr Chambers in the Box – Urban Powers Enquiry
  5. West Riding Medical Officer – In Accordance with By Laws
  6. More Medical Evidence – Healthy Mining Village
  7. A Denaby Mother of Nine and Final Prosecution Witnesses
  8. The Case for the Defence – Lady Mabel’s Evidence
  9. Dr Dunne – The Enteric (Typhoid) Epidemic
  10. Architect – Worst Mining Village
  11. Privvy Middens, Flies and Smells
  12. Nurse Swallow’s Strong Word
  13. Closing Addresses – Defendant
  14. The Plaintiff’s Case
  15. Summing Up and Verdict



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