The Flood – Bank Holiday Wash Out

August 1922

Mexborough and Swinton Times, August 12

The Flood

Bank holiday was an absolute washout in more ways than one, and residents in the vicinity of the Brook will not forget it for some time to come.

They had a day almost unprecedented and it is 14 years since anything approaching it was seen.

The rain which commenced about 12.30 on Sunday night came down practically without ceasing for 24 hours and the Brook – generally a sluggish, almost dry, stream – became a raging torrent, rising many feet.

The inhabitants of March Gate, Brook Square and Burcrofthad the worst of it, houses on the Low Road being flooded in the living quarters, and for hours it was useless to try to get rid of the water as more immediately took its place.

A number of fowls were drowned, and many others were in a pitiful state when rescued.

Making a tour of this devastated area. I saw two men up to their waists in a garden well above normal water level, rescuing a pig, and for once the animal was not awkward, for it seemed to understand their efforts and appeared to be doing its best to help them save it as was done.

Many cellars were flooded, and I hear thatin one hostelry the barrels of beer were floating about, rendering business out of the question until late in the evening.

Because of this phenomenal rise of the Brook appeared to be due to the height of the bridges, which spans it, for it was against these that the waters began piling themselves up.

Apparently they were not high enough, although they are quite adequate for normal times

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