Denaby Utd – The Frustrating Dilemma of Harry Hough.

29 February 1960

South Yorkshire Times, February 29.

The Frustrating Dilemma of Harry Hough.

Since they scored their first away goal of the season at Stamford, Denaby United have not failed to score away in the matches since, drawing 3-3 at Bourne a fortnight ago, but going down 2-1 at Goole last week.

Even with only half a defence which allowed the halfbacks to move up into the attack. They couldn’t score without the assistance of cool, whose goalkeeper and centre half, been made a mess of a clearance for Coleman to score his first goal for Denaby.

Out of Form.

The defence kept cool out for the whole of the second half despite great pressure, but one of the disappointments at Denaby, is the loss of form centre half. Peter Jones. When he first came to Denaby, from Kiveton Park, he was an instant success, playing some outstanding game, but recently has been unable to match that play.

But player manager Harry Hough is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. When such a thing happened – because he has no second team.

If he drops a player, the man has no team to play in to bring him up to scratch again, and if he keeps him in the team. He just has to hope that the player finds the lost form quickly.

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