“The Lodger” again at Denaby.

August 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, August 9.

“The Lodger” again at Denaby.

Thomas Benton, miner, Denaby, was summoned by his wife, Frances Benton, for deserting her.

Mr Baddiley appeared for the defendant.

The complainant story was that the defendant had deserted her, and she had lived three weeks by herself. She had one child aged 10 years. Her husband earned £2 per week and he used to give her 22 shillings per week.

Mr Baddeley, for the defending, said that he would asked the bench to make no conviction as to desertion. Defendant went to Mexborough, with his wife, and they went into the Montagu Hotel about 10 o’clock.

His wife said she was going to fetch some fish, and asked him to remain in the hotel until she returned. He remained until 11 o’clock, but his wife never came.

Defendant went home and found the door locked. He broke the door in, and found his wife drinking whiskey on the sofa with a lodger. The defendant was not going to stand that sort of thing, so he told the lodger that he would have to clear out.

He (defendant) fetched a policeman. The lodger eventually went, and the complainant slipped out of another door, and went with him.

PC Lancaster corroborated, and said that the woman was of a very indifferent character.

The Chairman said they thought it would be better if the parties were separated. They would make an order that the husband should contribute five shillings a week towards his wife’s maintenance; they would make no order as to costs.

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