The Show went on – with New Pianist.

February 1960

South Yorkshire Times, February 29.

The Show went on – with New Pianist.

When members of Denaby Tom Hill Use Centre found themselves without an accompanist. Just over 24 hours before their annual pantomime was due to open, the prospect seemed very gloomy, but thanks to Swinton housewife Mrs Iris Ward, the show was able to go on.

Few people mostly audience at the opening on Monday could have known that the pianist who gave a faultless with accompaniment for the two and half hour show had never reassessed with the cast, and had seen the script and music. For the pantomime. “Princess Christaline”, for the first time only the day before.

It was as a result of a family bereavement that Mrs Doris Blacklock, of Kings Road, Mexborough, was unable to accompany the pantomime on its opening night after six months of rehearsal.

At Los Alamos underuse Centre leader Mr John Smith approached. Mrs Ward to undertake the gigantic task and Mrs Wharton, formerly a member of the South Yorkshire Musical Comedy Society “couldn’t refuse.”

“In the Blood.”

Once you get involved with show business you always come back to it… It is in the blood” she told the “South Yorkshire Time after Tuesday’s performance.

She added, “I was up from eight o’clock on Sunday evening until the early hours. on Monday morning practicing – with my foot on the soft pedal of course, so not as to disturb the neighbours.

The cast saw Mrs Ward for the first time on Monday evening shortly before the performance… but not a cue was missed.

“We were very grateful indeed that Mrs Ward was able to step in” said Mr Smith. On Tuesday.

Four last night show Mrs Blacklock was expected to take over again, and on Saturday, Mrs Ward opens at the West Melton Working Men’s club on the order. She began entertaining in clubs some time ago, so she was not out of practice, but as she remarked. “It’s not everyday that you have to play Swan Lake is it?

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