Theft of Money by a Denaby Collier.

September 1880

Mexborough and Swinton Times, September 3.

Theft of Money by Denaby Collier

John Ward, Collier, of Denaby, was charged by William Henry Severn, Collier, of Mexborough, with stealing a Florin (10p), his money, on the 21st

The prosecutor said he was a Collier, and lived with his father in Clay Lane, Mexborough. He knew the prisoner. On Saturday night last the prisoner came to his father’s house and stayed there all night. Before witness went to bed he examined his trousers pockets. He had 3 two shilling pieces in his pocket when he went to bed, and marked them before going to rest.

When he got up at 10 o’clock on the following morning, he found that a two shilling piece was missing.

He afterwards told his father, and subsequently gave information to the police.

By the superintendent: the reason I marked this two shilling piece was because I missed money before when the prisoner had been at my father’s house.

The money produced was his.

PC Gunn spoke to apprehending the prisoner on the 22nd ult.

In answer to the charge the prisoner said; “it’s the first time I did take any money.”

The prisoner now pleaded guilty, saying that he took the money while in drink.

Sentenced to 1 months imprisonment

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