Thefts of Sheets at Denaby.

July 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, July 26.

Thefts of Sheets at Denaby.

Samuel White, miner, of 51. Firbeck Street, Denaby, was charged in custody with stealing two pairs of Sheets, the property of John Edward Middleton, of Denaby.

Hannah Maria Middleton, wife of complainant, said that on Friday night the prisoner followed her into her house. A traveller had called, and the prisoner said he had called for two parcels, containing two pairs of Sheets and some other articles, on behalf of Mr Black, of Doncaster.

Witness told prisoner to leave the parcel alone, and she fetched Ben Wall, who came, and got hold of the defendant, while her brother went for the police. One pair of Sheets was valued at 4/9, and the other 5/9. The traveller had left them behind.

Ben Wall, corroborated.

PC Lancaster said Mrs Middleton came to his station on the 19th inst., and from what she said he accompanied to Doncaster road, near the Denaby stores. He found the last witness and the prisoner, whom he took into custody. The prisoner gave the sheets to Wall.

Witness charged him with stealing the sheets from Mrs Middleton, and he did not say anything. The prisoner was drunk.

The prisoner pleaded guilty, and stated that he was very sorry. He had had a lots of beer, and did not recollect anything about it.

The bench fined him 40 shillings, including costs or 14 days in default.










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