Threatened Neighbour for withholding Sweep Money

October 1879

Mexborough and Swinton Times, October 10th


Wm. Page, of Denaby, was charged on a warrant with having threatened the life of Charles Brown, at Denaby, on the 13th ult.

Mr G. B. Willis defended.

The complainant said that the defendant first threatened him at Doncaster, on the 10th ult. when he threatened to punch his head off, and he threatened him again on the 13th ult.

In reply to Mr. Willis, complainant said he was not a bookmaker. He had been, but had given it up since the 13th ult. He made a book on the Sheffield handicap in the Doncaster race week, and the prisoner lived next door to him at Denaby at the time,and mentioned the fact to him.

He summoned the prisoner first, and that was the reason why the warrant was not taken out until the 29th. He did not make the sweep himself. The sweep was made, and the parties came to ask him if he would hold the money. He agreed to hold the money, and each member paid six pence

Page won and was entitled to 5s. And the second wanted 2s. 6d. ; but witness refused to give Page the money. He did not know of anything else why Page threatened him, he told the prisoners wife that if the Magistrates would allow him he should be willing to settle the matter, and he should not want anything but the costs.

Mr. Willis: you don’t mean to say you are afraid he will do you any harm?

Complainant : It looks like it when he said he would knock my b——-y head off, and would put a lot on me, and would have my b——-y brains kicked out.

In defence Mr. Willis said the prisoner had no ill feelings against the complainant. He had only, when he refused to pay him the 5s, out of vexation, said what he would do.

He contended that there was no evidence to justify the bench in binding the man over.

Bound over to keep the peace himself in £5, and one surety in the same amount to keep peace and pay the costs.

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