Traction Engine on the Highway at Conisborough

April 1881

Mexborough and Swinton Times 15th of April.

A Traction Engine on the Highway at Conisborough.

Andrew Burniston, of Conisborough, the owner of a traction engine, was charging with obstructing the highway at that village on the 31st ult.

Mr Hall appeared for the defendant.

Police Sgt Morley deposed that on the day named, at about 10 min pass. One in the afternoon, he found a traction engine, which the defendant was owner and driver, to which were attached two trucks and a thrashing machine.

The engine was close to the wall and standing on the footpath. He found that the engine was been supplied with water from the dike, which ran past that spot. One of the trucks was also partly standing on the footpath. The path was obstructed for a distance of 30 yards, and the obstruction existed for quite 15 minutes.

He saw several persons turn onto the road in consequence of the obstruction. A boy named Boomer was temporarily in charge of the engine. He (witness) subsequently saw the defendant come and take the engine away.

In answer to Lord Auckland, witness said. Defendant, resided at Conisborough. He had frequently cautioned both the defendant and is men for similar offences.

Charles Boomer deposed to being in charge of the engine and train whilst Burniston went to his dinner.

Henry Glasby, Road Foreman, of Conisborough, deposed that the engine had broken two curb stones through being placed on the path.

Mr Hall said. Unfortunately, the defendant was liable under the section which he was charged, but taking into consideration the reason Burniston went on to the footpath with his train, he hoped the bench would deal leniently with him.

Police Sgt Morley said the defendant could have procured water for the engine on the opposite side of the row and he would not then have caused and not structured.

Mr Hall: Of course (laughter.)

Lord Auckland: we know that Conisborough is a place where water abounds.

The defendant was fined 20 shillings and 15s 9d costs.

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