Tripe Supper – Conisborough Homing Society

November 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, November 1.

Tripe Supper.

On Friday evening last the Conisborough Homing Society finished up their season at their quarters, Fox Inn, in a rather novel way, viz. by having a tripe supper.

The supper, which was rather a novelty for Conisborough, was very much enjoyed.

Proceedings commenced by a mammoth pigeon pie being placed on the table, and the party eagerly looked forward to a feast of this stage, but when Mr Crossland removed the crust, out flew three live homing pigeons. Of course, these birds having taken part in the clubs races, had a right to be present at the closing supper.

After this little diversion, the waiters came up bearing large dishes of boiled tripe, trimmed with onion sauce etc. Everyone present thoroughly enjoyed the meal, after which, and before the company dispersed, Mr T.R. Booth proposed that a hearty vote of thanks be given to the gentlemen who had so kindly given the supper viz, Mr George Ellis, were given and boiler tripe; Mr Clarkson were given the buns; and Mr Crossland, who had created for the supper, and given the etceteras. Mr H Saville seconded, and it was unanimously carried.

Mr TW Mosby proposed, and Mr A Dickinson, seconded “Success to the Conisborough Homing Society.” Both these gentlemen said that, though they were not keepers of homing pigeons they would become honorary members of the society next season.

Mrs Crossland, who had done the lions share in providing the supper, was accorded a hearty vote of thanks.

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