Unhappy Married Life at Denaby – Not Providing Maintenance

November 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, November 15

Unhappy Married Life at Denaby.

John Moffat, filler, new Conisborough, was summoned by his wife, Anna Moffat for not providing reasonable maintenance for her.

Mr Baddiley appeared for complainant and Mr R.A.H. Tovey defended.

Mr Baddiley stated that the parties were married in December last year, and that there were two children. They lived together for some time, but in consequence of the defendant not providing sufficient maintenance she left him, and went home. He persuaded her to go back, and promised to do better. She returned to him but he did not do better, and only gave her 6/4 (33p) for a month. During the whole of the time she lived with him he had not provided her with sufficient maintenance.

The complainant was then sworn, and stated that they were married at Mexborough in December, the previous year, and stated that they first lived at 17 Adwick Street, and afterwards at 54 Adwick Street, Denaby. She left him twice, and once she had been in the house without anything to eat, and she had had to go to her mother’s for food. He could earn from seven shillings to 8 shillings a shift.

Cross examined, by Mr Tovey, complainant said she was not in the habit of getting drunk. He once kicked two jugs of beer out of her hand. He was going to throw the child into the fire last Christmas, and burnt several things. She had had to pawn things to obtain food. Defendant would not work, but spent his money in drink.

Two witnesses corroborated.

Mr Toby said the defendant was willing to take his wife back if she would go. It seemed a pity for a young couple to be separated. Defendant had never ill used his wife and left her without food.

Defendant alleged that the complainant wanted to be free of him, and drink and gamble.

The Bench made a separation order, the defendant to contribute 10 shillings per week towards the maintenance of his wife.

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