United to say Thanks to Miner Supporters.

July 1960

South Yorkshire Times, July 4, 1960

United to say Thanks to Miner Supporters.

Denaby United can count on £6 10s a week from the miners at the Denaby and Cadeby colliery to help the club out of their present financial difficulties.

At NUM ballots nearly 500 miners at the 3000 strong Denaby and Cadeby collieries voted to have money stopped from their wages to help the 62 years old Midland League Club.

The United secretary, Mr Arthur Roberts, told me this week that some of the men at the pits and asked for three pence and sixpence to be stopped each week, but one or two of the men will be paying a shilling a week.

Both President of the club, Mr Sam Peck and Mr Roberts said they were “quite satisfied” with the men’s response.

In fact Denaby’s annual meeting has been postponed so that the club can say “thank you” to Union officials at the collieries.

The meeting should have been held last Sunday, but as the two collieries are away on holiday and officials will more than likely be unable to attend, the meeting will now be held on July 12.

“It is only fair that they should be present at the meeting,” said Mr Peck

Extra Help

The£6 10s. The club will get each week will be next to the £20 a week. They already receive for the miners welfare scheme.

The club originally asked the NUM at Denaby and Cadeby Collieries if the men would be prepared to have 3d a week stopped. This will boost in Denaby Lincoln by about £30 irrespective of what the club received from the Supporters Club.

The Union put it, to the vote and the £6.10 is the result.

“A slave was put in each man’s wage packets, but I do not think they all bought it. Some were away on holiday, and some on the sick list with some of them come back they are asking if money could be stopped from their wages to go towards the club,” said Mr Roberts.

“We would like to thank all who helped. We have had one or two small donations as well,” he added.

To Wage Bill.


All of this extra money the club received will have to go to Denaby’s wage bill next season, so that the club can retain the type of player who can pull Denaby away for the bottom of the Midland league table.

“This money will have to go towards the wage bill, so that we can get a decent team for next season,” Mr Roberts added.








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