Vicar of Denaby Leaving

March 1919

Mexborough and Swinton  Times, March 28, 1919

Vicar of Denaby Leaving
Appointed to Hackness

The Rev Henry Brandreth Greeves, vicar of Denaby Main, has accepted the living of Hackness – with – Harwood Dale, near Scarborough, and will leave Denaby about the end of May. This announcement will be received with great regret by the people of Denaby Main, of all denominations and no denomination, for he has won general esteem there during his brief incumbency.

He came to Denaby Main in 1914, in succession to the Reverent Sydney Featherstone Hawkes, appointed incumbent of St Mary´s, Johannesburg.

The Rev H.B.Greeves is a son of the late Rev Henry Greeves, who, after being 40 years being vicer of Wistow, Selby, was succeeded in that parish by Canon W.H.F.Bateman, vicar of Mexborough.

The present vicar of Denaby Main was educated at St Peter´s College, Cambridge, and was ordained in 1901, and after serving as a curate at Brighouse held livings at Escrick, and Brandsdale – with – Farndale, Kirkbymoorside.

He was presented to the latter living by the Earl of Feversham in 1910, and left it for Denaby Main in 1914. For two years he served on the staff of Newcastle Cathedral.

He is an eloquent preacher, and indefatigable organiser and an accomplished musician. He also has the pen of a ready writer, and his Democratic sympathies and his tendency to outspoken comment on current affairs and social anomalies have refreshed the pages of his parish magazine.

His is deeply devoted to music on the educational and executive sides, and his lectures on music and musicians have been heard and read with great interest. He is an organist of more than common ability, and has given recitals in his own church.

He has also, owing to the exigencies of the war and the successive loss of four organists, conducted the musical as well as the sacerdotal side of his services at Denaby main for quite a sustained period. He has been in close sympathy with the special difficulties and problems of the mining industry, in which he has taken great interest, and has been all for the fullest recognition of the claims of the miners to betterconditions and a higher standard of life. He has also been one of the local leaders of the workers educational Association movement.

He succeeded the Reverent S.F.Hawkes as a member of the Cadeby disaster relief committee. During the war he has been associated with every local form of a patriotically activity, and has born a generous share of the work of relieving war distress, recognising the men who have won distinction in the war, and, above all, bringing spiritual consolation to the families who have suffered anxiety, sorrow, and bereavement.

He will be very much missed. He has an attractive personality, and has used it to stimulate the religious life of Denaby Main. According to the York Diocesan calendar, the living of Hackness, which is in the gift of Lord Derwent, is valued at £334 net. The living of Denaby main scheduled at £310


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