War Measure – Continue to Work if Fatality

June 1940

Mexborough & Swinton TimesSaturday 29 June 1940

War Measure.

The employees at Cadeby Colliery have agreed that for the duration of the war they will continue at work should a fatality occur providing the colliery management is prepared to make a grant of £40 instead of £20 to the family of the victim.

The one exception is that the men engaged in the stall where the accident happened will, of course, “play.”

These proposals are being forwarded to the proprietors by the branch officials, who are also to take up the question of the situation arising should air raids occur between 5 AM and 6 AM when the men are due to be on their way to the pit.

For a trial period of three months the employees in the Parkgate seam of the colliery have agreed that a suggestion should be made to the management that they shall “throw of the note when the men in one stall are sent to another.”

If the full proposal is accepted this will mean that there will be no more market men in the Parkgate seam for the period stated




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