Watch Stealing at Conisborough.


Mexborough and Swinton Times, March 29.

Watch Stealing at Conisborough.

John Waring, a filler, of Conisborough, was summoned by George Chambers, for stealing a watch, the property of the prosecutor.

Waring was in custody.

George Chambers said he was a pony driver at Cadeby , Main Colliery, and lived with Mrs Sarah Waring at 29 Sprotborough Street, new Conisborough. Mrs Waring was the prisoner’s mother. The prisoner occupied the same bedroom.

About two o’clock in the morning of Tuesday the 19th inst., witness went to bed. Prisoner was then in bed. Before he went to bed he wound the watch up, and hung it on his bed end. The watch produced was his. It was an English lever.

At 7.30 on the same morning. Mrs Waring came andwoke himup and said something to him. He looked for his watch, but it was not there and the prisoner was not in bed.

He afterwards saw the prisoner, and asked him ifhe’d seen his watch, and he replied that he had not. They went upstairs, but nothing was said about the matter then. Nothing was said until dinnertime. When pressed as to where the watch was, the prisoner said “Well I have pawned it at Rotherham.” When they were going to bed. there was some further conversation, but nothing was said about the chain.

Witness afterwards gave information to the police. He valued the watch at 50 shillings. The chain was not worth very much.

Arthur Ernest Crowther, assistant to Arthur Swann Britain, a pawnbroker in Rotherham, stated that on Tuesday morning, the 19th inst, the watch produced was offered in pledge by the prisoner. Witness looked at it, and saw a name scratched inside, G Chambers. Witness asked him his name, and he replied George Chambers, that corresponding with the name on the watch. He asked for 12 shillings on it, and the watch was pledged for that amount. It would cost 50 shillings when new.

PC Barnett stated that at a 9:45 o’clock on the 21st ult, he went to 29 Sprotborough Street, new Conisborough, and charged a prisoner with the theft. He replied “I took it; he had no occasion to fetch you chaps, I was going to work to pay for it. I “popped” it at Rotherham for 12 shillings. I bought a mouth organ out of the money for sixpence and spend the other in something to eat and drink.

The prisoner now began to weep, and when asked by the Chairman Willie was guilty or not guilty, the prisoner still weeping, replied “guilty”

The prisoner’s mother asked the Bench to deal as leniently as possible with him. He had two children and a young wife. He was not able to work.

The prisoner was sentenced to 2 calendar months with hard Labour.

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