Weigh Clerk Retires after 52 Years

February 1963

South Yorkshire Times, February 2 nd 1963

Weigh Clerk Retires after 52 Years
Mr R.King

At the age of 65, Mr R.King of 11, Bolton Street, Denaby main, retired last Friday from his post as the assistant head wagon weigh clerk at Cadeby main colliery.

Mr King began work in the Denaby colliery wagon weigh office and after a short time was transferred to Cadeby Weigh office. Last week he completed 52 year service as a weigh clerk.

On Friday, Mr J.F.Crawley, number 3 area marketing manager, paid tribute to his work and efficiency, and on behalf of the staffs at the weigh office and traffic department and others, presented him with a cabinet of cutlery and conveyed to him the good wishes of his colleagues.

Mr J.Jeffcote (head weighman) also paid tribute to Mr King. Seven colleagues who are subscribers attended the ceremony.

Mr King express thanks to all for their gift and good wishes.

Mr& Mrs King are believed to hold a record in that they sent six of their children, Hilda, Violet, Edward, Kenneth, Robert and Betty, to Mexborough grammar school.

Mr King, a native of Newton Derbyshire, will spend most of his retirement doing one of his favourite hobbies, gardening. He also follows Denaby United.

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  1. Gill Leesing

    I was at school with Betty, and didn’t know 5 of her siblings went to M.G.S. What an achievement! What chance of that happening today! Take note Messrs Cameron/Milliband

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