Whitsun Sunday School Queen

June 1939

Mexborough and Swinton Times, June 9.

Sunday School Queen.
Crowning at Conisborough.
Whitsun Spectacle.

About 1000 sightseers witnessed the crowning of the Conisborough Sunday School Queen, 12 years old Joan Turner, at the 11th annual Conisborough Sunday Schools Joint Festival, in the Castle grounds, on Whit Monday.

One of the main features of the festival was a long procession to the main Street of the township to the Castle grounds of “Queen Joan” and her retinue, and of last year’s Queen, Betty Smith, with their attendents.

The procession, which commenced at the Welfare grounds, was led by the 10th Doncaster (Conisborough) Boy Scouts Band, were followed by the Girl Guides and Cubs, and 30th Doncaster (Conisborough St Peter’s) Boy Scouts and Guides. Members of the Conisborough St John Ambulance Brigade and in Nursing Division were on duty along the Church Street and Castle Hill portion of the walk.

The Scouts and Guides formed an avenue for the Queens and their attendance from Castle Lodge to the raised platform on an opposite bank in the grounds. The children were grouped around the base of the platform, and an appeal was made by Mr J.W.Randall (conductor) for adult support to the children singing.

Prayers for Peace.

Prayers for peace and for the success of this Sunday schools were led by the Vicar of Conisborough, the Rev H.T.Eddershaw, who appealed to the parents to make it their duty to see that their children were attached to some Sunday School in the District.

The retiring Queen, addressing the gathering, mentioned that she had enjoyed a happy reignamong the Conisborough Sunday School Children, and hoped that her successor would have an equally successful reign.

The crowning ceremony was conducted by Mrs Pickett, wife of Mr C.J.Pickett, under manager of Denaby Main Colliery, who placed a rosebud crown on the new Queens head, and after presenting the new Monarch with a leather bound Bible, Mrs Pickett herself received a bouquet from Jean Wilkinson.

The new Queenaddressed hersubjects for a few moments and expressed the hope that she would rule as wisely and as well as the retiring Queen had done.

The Queen then returned to her throne and received the homage of her court and attendants and soldiers. A final hymn was sung, and the guard of honour reformed at the Castle Lodge for the return procession, the scholars, about 1000 in number, dispersing at the Morley Place Schools for tea at their respective schools.

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