Without a Gun Licence at Conisborough

April 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 19.

Without a License at Conisbrough.

George Rowan, pony driver, of Denaby, was charged by the Inland Revenue Authorities for carrying a gun without a license at Conisbrough on 15 March.

It was stated that the Commissioners did not want to press the case heavily, as the costs were rather heavy.

The defendant pleading guilty, has said that he had bought the pistol as a toy; he did not know that he required a licence for it. They advertise them in the papers.

It was stated that the defendant had threatened some people with it.

The Chairman said if he wanted to carry a pistol he would have to take out a license.

The defendant: I did not know I wanted one.

The Chairman: You know now. You will have to pay the costs, 13s 6d. You must not threaten people if you have a licence you may be brought up on that charge.

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