Workman Injured in Fall

July 1963

South Yorkshire Times July 13

Workmen Injuredin Fall

A 52-year old Conisborough brick layer, Mr. Benjamin Ward, of 1 Hameline Road, home less than a week from the holiday in Spain, was in Doncaster Royal infirmary on Monday after injuring his chest and back when he fell from a roof while working for Conisborugh Urban council.

With Mr. Ward was labourer Mr. Jack Crabtree (34), of 21 Daylands Avenue, Conisborugh, who was treated in hospital but allowed home. He has a sprained ankle.

Both men were working within 100 yards of their homes, and were on the roof of 12 Daylands avenue, when the guttering gave way.

They fell 20 feet into the garden, but fortunately the ground was soft because of recent rain. A scaler being used by Mr. ward broke in to two and fell from the roof on to Mr. ward.

Mr. Crabtree’s sister in law, Mrs Dorothy Butler, of 12 Hameline road, saw the accident and cut her legs as she dashed through a hedge to reach the two men.

Mr. Crabtree’s wife, Margaret, busy painting the windows of the home directly across from the accident downed the tools immediately and went across to help.

Mr. Ward worked for the Conisborough council many years ago, and rejoined them only recently, and Mr. Crabtree has been with them for over eight years.

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