Soldiers – Wounded – Denaby – Beachill, Gelder, Griffiths, Horsman, Jones, Martin, McDermott, Pickersgill, Wagstaff

July 1916

Wounded Soldiers

Mrs Hutley, of Loversall Street,has received the news that her brother, A.Beachill was killed in July

Private J Gelder (York and Lancaster) of 75, Doncaster road, Denaby main was wounded last October; again in May of this year, and again on July 2. He is in the Birmingham War hospital. He enlisted in September 1914 and is now 19 years of age.

Private G.H.Griffiths (York and Lancaster) of 82 Cliff view, Denaby main, is now in hospital in Manchester, suffering from a bullet wound in the neck, received during the great advance on July 1st. he enlisted in October 1914 and went to France in the following September in time to take part in the battle of loos.

Gunner J.Jones (R.F.A.), 37 Braithwell Street, is in hospital in France, with trench fever, contacted on July 25. He enlisted in August 1915, and was slightly wounded in the following June, but returned to the trenches without receiving a leave. Before enlistment he worked at Cadeby main. He is married and has one child.

Private S Martin (York and Lancaster of 107, Loversall Street, Denaby main;A machine gunner has been wounded in the arm, and is now in hospital. He has 2 brothers serving in France.

Private R McDermott (York and Lancaster) is wounded and suffer from shellshock, after being in France 12 months. His brother private James McDermott (York and Lancaster) has been missing for 12 months, and news of him would be gratefully received by their mother, Mrs McDermott , 73, Doncaster road, Denaby.

Private F.Pickersgill (York and Lancaster) 13 Adwick Street Denaby main, was wounded in the shoulder on July 1st

Private J Wagstaff (Worcester Regiment) of Maltby Street, has been wounded in the left hand, after serving 11 months in France.


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