Soldiers – Wounded ; S.Ball, I.Batt, H.Cooper, W.Danford, S.Lee, P.O’Neill, Marsden

October 1916

Rifleman S.Ball (K.R.R.)Denaby, wounded

Private I.Batt (York & Lancaster)Denby Main, Wounded

Private Harry Cooper , son of Mr and Mrs James Cooper is wounded, and is now in Stourbridge hospital, Staffs .

His brother private Stephen Cooper (Northumberland Fusiliers) and a brother-in-law,
private L.B.Vernon (K.O.Y.L.I.) have recently been killed in action.

Another brother-in-law Lance Cpl J Henshaw, who fought through the South African war, and has been in France 16 months without a leave, has been twice wounded.

Private W. Danford (K.O.Y.L.I.) of 99 Firbeck Street, Denaby, is in hospital in France with wounds and shell shock. He is 37, married and has 3 children. He went to France in December 1915, having enlisted in August 1914

Rifleman S.Lee (K.R.R.) of 41 Bolton Street, Denaby has been wounded in the leg and is in hospital in Stoke. He has been visited by his wife, will find him making excellent progress.

Private R.Marston (York & Lancaster),

2 Clifton Street, Denaby, enlisted on September 25, 1914, went to France 12 months later, and is now in hospital in London with wounds in the right eye and face. He is married and has two children.


Private Patrick O’Neill (York and Lancaster) 40 to Edlington Street, Denaby main, has been wounded in action in France, and is now in hospital in York. He enlisted in November 1914, and went to France in August 1950. He was wounded in January 1916 and again on July 1. He is married and has one child



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