Soldier – Wren, Luther – Bombed Germans with their Missiles

November 1916

Mexborough times, Saturday, November 18, 1916

Denaby Man’s Smartness
Bombed Germans with their Own Missiles

Private Luther Wren (York and Lancaster) of 37 Adwick Street, Denaby main, who is on sick furlough, has received the following letter:

“The G.O.C.division presented ribbons to men of this brigade who had done gallant service during the operations on the Somme.

The battalion is proud to think that your name was amongst the number. At the same time the G.O.C. much regret that you had been wounded, and he hopes that you will soon return to the battalion for duty.

The G.O.C. infantry brigade as requested me as your temporary commanding officer to forward you the Military Medal ribbon with an official account  as to why you were awarded. I have much pleasure in doing so.


D. Quirk Major”

The following is the official report:

“For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty on the night on 1/2 October. The Lewis gun been put out of action, this team also being casualties, he found some German bombs, discovered how to use them, and stood on the parapet throwing them during an enemy counter-attack and repelled them.

Signed H.Gordon Brigadier General”

Private Wren was wounded on October 4 and conveyed to the hospital in Dundee. He is only 20 years of age and has been twice wounded

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