Soldier – Wright S. – Denaby Gunner’s Heroism

November 1915

Mexborough Times, November 6, 1915

Denaby Gunner’s Heroism

Last week we announced that gunner S.Wright (R.F.A.) of 4 Balby Street, Denaby Main, had been recognised by the General Officer commanding the seventh division, for an act of bravery on the battlefield. Further particulars are gathered from a letter received by his mother. The letter is as follows:

Dear Mrs Wright,

I have been informed that Gunner Wright volunteered to go out to bring in bombardier Mitchell, who had been wounded, and that just as they got to safety, Gunner Wright was unfortunately wounded in the head. Ever since I have been trying to get to know how Gunner Wright is progressing, and to get his address, so that I might write and thank him for doing such a brave action. I have not been able to find out where he is, but his commander gave me his home address, so I’m writing to you to find out how he is progressing, and also for his home address this. I sincerely hope that by this time he has almost, if not altogether, recovered.

Bombardier Mitchell is still in hospital, but I’m hoping that he will soon be convalescent

with kind regards

(Miss) Emily I.Forrester

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