York Assizes – The Alleged Criminal Assault

November 1881

Mexborough & Swinton Times, November 11th

The Alleged Criminal Assault

At the York Assizes on Tuesday, Tom Dormand, 25, described as well educated, waqs charged with a criminal offence upon Hannah Cramp at Denaby, on the 17th ult.

Mr Fenwick was for the prosecution.

The prisoner had been in the habit of inviting the prosecutrix, a girl aged 14 years of age, to his home in the evenings for the purpose of instructing her in the elementary rules of arithmetic and his wife also gave her piano lessons.

The prosecuterix was at the prisoner´s houswe on the evening of the day in question, and in the absence3 of hhis wife, it was alleged he committed the offence charged against him.

The girl alleged 6that she used the utmost power to escape from the prisoner, but he compelled her to remain in the house, and subsequently when his wife returned, she had a music lesson as usual.

She did not tell her mother what happened until the following morning.

When the prisoner was spoken to relative to his conduct, he admitted that he had been quilty of some indecency towards the girl and asked if £10 would settle the matter.

When apprehended the prisoner made a similar statement, and expressed a hope that the girl´s father would consider his wife and child

The prisoner made no defence

The jury after an absence of more than 2 hours found the prisoner not guilty

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