Youthful Shepherdess – “Bo Peep” drove 20 Sheep to Sheffield

October 1880

Sheffield Independent, November 9th 1880

A New Version of an Old Nursery Rhyme.

Children of all ages have read of how “Little Bo-Peep lost her sheep, and didn’t know where to find them,” but we have improved upon this untoward event in Sheffield.

A Little Bo-Peep, eight years of age, rejoicing in the surname of Barker, and who lives with her parents at number 2 Chester Street, Sheffield, yesterday found some sheep, and their owner does not know where to find them!

A few days ago, the little girl left home to visit her grandparents at Conisborough, near Doncaster, and yesterday morning about 11 o’clock she proceeded to return to Sheffield by road. After going a short distance on the highway she found 20 sheep apparently straying for she saw no one belonging to or having charge of them; so what did the little maiden do but drive the entire flock from Conisbrough to Sheffield, a distance of 13 miles!

The appearance of the sheep and their youthful shepherdess in Chester Street late in the afternoon, created, as well might be supposed, much astonishment, and “raised” the whole neighbourhood.

The police were communicated with, and the sheep taken possession and impounded in the Yellow Lion Yard, Haymarket.

The chief Constable during the day telegraphed to Conisborough, in order to ascertain the owner of the flock, and probably the latter is now rejoicing in having found those which were lost.





Mexborough and Swinton Times, November 12.

A Youthful Shepherdess


On Monday the Sheffield police took possession of 20 stray sheep found under rather peculiar circumstances.

It appears that a little girl, aged 11 years, the daughter of Mrs Barker, who resides at number two Chester Street, Sheffield, who had been on a visit to a grandparent at Conisborough, and was walking home on Monday morning along the highway when only a short distance from the village she found a score of sheep without anyone in charge.

She drove them to home at Sheffield, where they were taken possession by the police, who are now on the lookout for an owner.















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