1886 Quarter 3

Mass meeting of Denaby Main Colliers – Pit Set Down by the Fillers

Assault in Denaby Pit

Conisborough School Board

Denaby Main Colliery Company v Protector Lamp and Lighting Company

Extraordinary Conduct of a Police Sergeant

Family Affairs at Conisborough

Fatal Accident at Denaby – John Dagnall

Flower Service at Conisborough

Opening of a New Library and Institute at Denaby Main

Property in the Market at Conisborough

Shop Lifter Surprised at Conisborough

Visit of 600 Botanists (picture)

Conisborough 133 v Attercliffe 23 for 2

Conisborough v Mexborough 169 for 7

Amusing Horse and Cart Case from Conisborough.

Determined Suicide at Conisborough

Fire at Denaby Main Colliery

Madman at Mexborough – Denaby Main Dataller Conveyed to Wadsley Asylum.

Murder of a Policeman – Neighbourhood Searched for Murderer (pictures)

Suicide at Conisborough

The Denaby Institute – Means for Recreation and Amusement

Wilful Damage to Growing Peas by Youths


Denaby Main Fillers Dispute – Prosecution of 70 Fillers

Denaby Main Fillers Dispute – Meetings Final Decision – Arbitration Desired

Denaby Main Fillers Dispute – Important Meeting of Miners

Denaby Main Strikes and Lock outs – A Retrospect

Water Dispute at Conisborough – Holywell Spring

Aggravated Assaults at Conisborough – A Woman Stabbed

Conisborough Constable Censured

Fatal Accident at Denaby – Thomas Green

Lecture at Conisborough – “How to get on in the world.”

Man Given a Lift and Steals Coat

Outbreak of Swine Fever at Denaby Main

Voters in the Rotherham Division – Another Overseer Fined

Murder of a Policeman – The Murder (picture)

Murder of a Policeman – Search and Escape (pictures)

Murder of a Policeman – Capture of Murphy at Kingstone Place (pictures)

Crime and Courts

The Four Murders on the Site