1887 Quarter 3

Botanists Gathering & Friendly Societies Demonstration at Conisborough.

Excursion to Conisborough.

The Attempted Suicide at Denaby Main

Mexborough, Denaby and Manvers

Industry and Commerce

Joking at Denaby Pit

Parish Meeting – Water Question & Proposed New Magistrate – Lively Proceedings.


Flower Service at Conisborough Church (videos)

A Trip with The Conisborough Brass Band To Chatsworth.

Conisborough Castle

Crime and Courts

Catching a Hare at Denaby

Sad Suicide of a Conisborough Young Woman.


Denaby Main 85  Thrybergh Hall Colliery 51 

Industry and Commerce

Excursion to Liverpool


Denaby Churches – Annual Treat to Scarborough

The Forbidding of the Banns at Conisbro – Business Before Pleasure.

Forbidding the Bans – A Young Lady Takes a Dose of Poison.

The Recent Episode

Works at Conisborough Castle

Crime and Courts

A Strange Story of Matrimony at Mexborough

Destination of Two Children at Denaby – The Mother Elopes.

Offence Under Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act at Denaby


Rabbit Coursing Match at Conisborough


A Frightened Passenger

Narrow Escape Of Miners – Cage Dashed To Pieces

The Hexthorpe Disaster – Balby Inquest (picture)

The Hexthorpe Disaster – A National Coverage (picture)

The Hexthorpe Disaster – Verdict of Manslaughter (picture)

The Hexthorpe Disaster – County Inquest – Company’s Liability. (picture)

Fashionable Wedding at Denaby Main


Wesleyan Chapel Conisborough

Crime and Courts

Alleged Theft at Denary.

Drunk and Ejected

” Moonlighting ” at Mexbro’.

Mushrooming at Denaby Main

Distressing Suicide Of An Old Man – Domestic Troubles

Impudent Robbery at Conisborough.


Conisborough C.C. Results