1888 Quarter 1

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Colliery Fire – Current Status

Denaby Main Colliery Fire – The 11 Entombed Men During The Fire

Denaby Main Colliery Fire – The Relief Fund.

Denaby Main Colliery Fire – Sketch of the Ruins from the River (picture)

Mass Meeting of Denaby Miners – Mr. W. Parrott and Miners’ Organisations.

Railway Servants’ Dinner at Conisborough


Denaby Main Infant School Concert

Crime and Courts

Brutal Assault on Conisborough Woman.

Denaby Miners and Relief – “Beggar” In Trouble.

Dishonest Lodger – Six Months Hard Labour for Watch & Trousers

Fracas by Glass Blowers at Conisborough.


Accident at Denaby Main Colliery

Present For a Cats Mistress

Industry and Commerce

Denaby Main Colliery

Resumption of Work at Denaby Main Colliery

Doncaster By Election – The Poll Results

Doncaster By Election – Feeling Runs High

Doncaster By Election – Polling

Doncaster By Election – Utter Rout Of The Separatists. (picture)

“After Many Days.”

Crime and Courts

Disorderly Home Ruler at Mexboro’.

The Conisboro’ Goat Sausage Libel

Stealing Coal at Denaby

Disturbances at Conisbro’.

Industry and Commerce

New Invention – Automatic Barrel Tilter

Fatal Accident at Denaby Main – John Humphreys

Dangers of Mining

The Glass Bottle Industry – Present Condition and Prospects (pictures)


Confirmation Service

Good Friday at Conisborough

Conisborough Notes – Election, Vicar’s Rebuke, Promenade

Conisborough Notes – Weather, Billiard Rooms, Boycotts, Foundry, Confirmations

Crime and Courts

Alleged Robberies at Bolton

Theft at Conisbrough


Presentation to Mr. W. H. Chambers, At Denaby.