1895 Quarter 3

Dangerous Offence at Cadeby Pit

Child Employed Contrary to Factory Act

Alleged Threats and Intimidation at Denaby.

Breach of Special Rule at Denaby Main

Coal Stealing at Denaby Main

Conisborough Hospital Sunday – Damp Day Damages the Undertaking

Conisborough School Board – Attendance – Scarlet Fever – Inspectors Report

Costly Amusement at Denaby

Lively Scene in the Region of Conisborough Castle

School Board Election

Ungrateful Denaby Main Miners

Conisborough Parish Council – The Question of Charities

Conisborough Parish Council – Allotments

Conisborough Parish Council – Water Supply

Conisborough Parish Council – Accounts – Election Expenses

Conisborough Parish Council – Fire Engine – Urban Powers

“Scrap” in the Dark at Cadeby Main – Virulent Conisborough Miner (re-trial)

Assault at Conisborough

Conisborough Farmer Summoned – The Muzzling Order

Conisborough Notes – Choir Trip – Infant School Treat – Sunday School Excursion

Conisborough School Board – Chairman Dispute

Conisborough School Board – Letter

Denaby Veteran Summoned

Important Colliery Prosecution from Denaby Main.

Ladies Cricket Match – Conisbrough 17 Braithwell 13

More Colliery Prosecutions – Negligence – “Back Stay” Rule – Illegal Practice

Mushrooming Expedition at Conisborough

Terrific Storm at New Conisborough.

“Scrap” in the Dark at Cadeby Main – Virulent Conisborough Miner (adjourned)

Woman’s Privilege

Workmen’s Supper – Ashfield Fire and Clay Works

Denaby Main – Denaby 103 for 5 Doncaster WE 42 – Cannot Play for Nuts or Toffee

Denaby Main – They Couldn’t Play for Toffee if They Tried ! (poem)

Crime and Courts

Threats of “Murder and Sudden Death” at Denaby.

Hull Engineers and Naval Architects – Visit to Denaby and Cadeby Collieries

Conisborough Fire Brigade – The New Fire Engine

Conisbrough Notes – Conisbrough United Brass Band – Gas Explosion – Machine Accident

Conisborough Notes – Water Scheme – Road to Doncaster Races – Workmen’s Dinner

A Pit Lad’s Cruelty to a Pony

Affray in a Train at Conisborough

Alleged Assault on a Denaby Miner’s Wife

Application Case from Denaby

Excellent Character Ruined at Denaby Main – A Repentant Thief

Important Case – A Dishonest Contractor at Denaby Main

More drunks at New Conisborough and Denaby

Matrimonial Bliss – A Violent Fellow at Conisborough.

Serious Charge – A Successful Alibi from Conisborough

Wedding – Denaby Young Lady Marries Leeds Manufacturer