Week 1 – January 2nd

Week 2 – January 9th

Industry and Commerce

The Evictions – Good Meal for 1500 Little Ones – Feeding the Hungry.

The Evictions – Dinner in the Evicted Miner’s Quarters – London Graphic

Day 1 – Eviction Orders Executed – Distressing Scenes – “Come along with mammy”

Day 2 – Rain Came Tumbling Down in Sheets – “Can you spare a Copper Sir?”

Day 3 – Considerable progress with the Work – Array of Empty Houses

Day 4 – Evictions Ended – 750 families ejected – Importation of Fresh Labour ?

Denaby Main Colliery

Denaby Notes – “Mammy where shall we go ?”

Eviction of Miners at Denaby – London Sphere

Evictions Pictures – Evictions at Denaby

Evictions Pictures – Cliff View

Evictions Pictures – Denaby Main

Evictions Pictures – Doncaster Road

Evictions Pictures – near the Denaby Main Hotel

Evictions Pictures – Police Removing Furniture

Evictions Pictures – Removing Furniture

Evictions – Removing his Goods on a Wheelbarrow

Evictions Pictures – Familes Outhouse Refuge

Eviction Pictures – Families in Goldthorpe Methodist Chapel

Evictions Pictures – Families in Primitive Methodist School

Evictions Pictures – Families in Small Pox Hospital

Eviction Pictures – Families off to seek a new Home

Evictions Pictures – Family in Methodist Chapel

Mass Meeting of the Men – Friday – Progress of the Struggle

Evictions Pictures – Miners Demonstration

Evictions Pictures – Meeting of Denaby Miners at Mexborough

Evictions Pictures – Police Protecting New Arrivals

Eviction Pictures – Miners Preparing for Demonstration

Evictions Pictures – W.H. Chambers

Evictions Pictures – Tent life in Doncaster Road

Evictions Pictures – Tent Life near Miner’s Inn

Evictions Pictures – Tent life of Evicted Miners

The Denaby Main Evictions – Sheffield Daily Telegraph (picture)

Evictions Pictures – Waiting for New Arrivals at Conisboro’ Station

Important Developments

Mass Meeting of the Men – Monday – Ready for the Ejectments – “Fight On Fight On.”

Sidelights of the Strike – Families Accomodated at Schools and Tithe Barn

The Evictions of 1885


Denaby’s Christmas

Crime and Courts

Carrying Water on the Footpath at Conisborough

Bag Muck Strike and Denaby Evictions

Denaby and Cadeby miners – Special Appeal for Assistance.

Final “Ultimatum” Issued by the Colliery Company.

New Years Gift – Notice of Ejectment


Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Chesterfield Reserves 1

Denaby Utd – Sheffield United Reserve 4 Denaby 1

Industry and Commerce


Strike Leaders – Fred Croft and John Nolan

Mass Meeting of Men Still Unemployed

Moving Back to their Homes

The Intimidation Charges

Crime and Courts

Assault Cases Adjourned

The Rabies Order.

Conisborough Miner Charged with Larceny

A Disorderly Denaby Striker

A Violent Wath Miner at Denaby

Industry and Commerce

Crushed To Death At Denaby. Buried Beneath A Fall Of Roof.


Denaby Hospital Meeting – Costs Up – 3,000 Accidents at Pit in 1937

Industry and Commerce

Conisbrough Fire Brigade 35 years ago (photo)